As a journalist, writing is one of my core services. Are you looking for someone to knock out well-reported news stories? I’ve got you covered, and always meet my deadlines. Or maybe you’re looking for a nuanced, enthralling feature story? I have experience digging into complicated topics and making them compelling and understandable for readers.

I have a background in editing, too, so you’ll always receive clean copy, with suggested headlines and sub-headlines, links to source material, and suggestions for photos or graphics.

I specialize in writing about the following topics:

Cities: All things urban, what makes cities tick, and the forces shaping their futures.

Climate change: How our world is changing, and how communities are working to adapt.

The LGBTQ+ community: Telling the stories of folks fighting for justice, and the unique experiences of marginalized groups.

I also specialize in solutions journalism, an approach to all of these topics that involves rigorous reporting on responses to social problems.

I found my way into journalism as a photographer, way back in high school when my brother forced (okay, encouraged) me to join the newspaper. I soon fell in love with it, and pursued it in college through my journalism degree.

My photojournalism is rooted in a respect for my subjects, and brings a creative eye to every story. I aim to surprise and engage viewers by giving them a front seat to the action.

My photojournalism services include:

News and event coverage: You can rely on me to cover news events thoroughly and efficiently.

Portraits and features: I relish the opportunity to spend time with a subject and tell a nuanced story with my images.

Long-form storytelling: Digging into a big story and capturing it over the course of weeks or even months is my specialty. I illustrate these stories with both still images and edited video.

Editing & Fact-checking

My career as a journalist has put me on both sides of the editing equation. In addition to my deep experience reporting and writing, I have years of experience in both digital and print editing.

That means I have a sharp eye for copy, a fast hand for working with breaking news and passion for collaborating with writers. I also know my way around a content management system, especially when it comes to working with photos, videos and other multimedia.

My editing services include copy editing for a range of content, from news and feature stories to email and social media copy. I can also offer proofreading for materials to make sure they’re tightened up before they’re sent out the door. And I love to dig into fact-checking to ensure that an article is accurate.

I’ve done editing and fact-checking work for Vox, American City Business Journals and NPR’s On Point, among others. I’m known for being organized, efficient and thorough in my work.

“Mike was tasked with several editing responsibilities during his time at the Albany Business Review, including work on enterprise stories, breaking news, and multimedia projects. He works quickly and efficiently and excels at collaborating with other editors and writers. Mike truly cares about great storytelling and his passion comes through in his work.” — Melissa Mangini, Editor, Albany Business Review


While I enjoy the rush of breaking news as much as any journalist, I also relish the luxury of slow, methodical reporting. Those same skills are what allows me to be an efficient, focused researcher on a wide variety of projects.

My research approach combines the rigor of academics with the shoe-leather tactics of journalism. You’ll find my research to be thorough, nuanced and relevant. At the same time, I’ll deliver research in a way that is easy to understand and incorporate into your project.

My research services can support many types of projects, including books, podcasts and documentaries. If you need help getting your hands around any topic, I would love to do the digging for you.

I’ve done research work for a number of publications including The Conversation and The Guardian US.

Check out my work.

You can see more of my published writing and photojournalism work in my portfolio.