Story Coaching

Tell your best stories.

We all have amazing stories in our lives. Let’s work together to uncover them, and tell them in a way that delights and inspires your audience.

In one-on-one story coaching, I’ll work with you to find, craft and refine your story โ€” whether you want to tell it on the stage of The Moth, in front of your best friend’s wedding or with your board of directors.

My storytelling philosophy comes years of experience telling stories professionally as a journalist, live in venues like The Moth and, most recently, on the TEDx stage. I also organize and host a monthly storytelling event called The Front Parlor Series in upstate New York.

How It Works

A typical story coaching session is one hour, and I find it works best to have two sessions โ€” one to find and start crafting the story, and another to refine it. My rate for coaching is $75 per hour.

The structure of coaching is flexible, and we can work together to design a session that works best fo you.

Interested? Reach out to learn more and schedule a session.