Stunning speeches that awe and inspire.

We’ve all sat through our fair share of boring presentations. You know the type: Speakers reading from endless slides crammed with text. Big yawn.

Not only are these types of speakers boring: They’re a huge missed opportunity. They leave your employees, students or guests unengaged and uninspired. It’s a waste of everyone’s precious time.

I’m here to tell you there’s a better way. You can engage and delight your audiences with a speaker like me, who knows how to use storytelling to connect with listeners and move them to take action.

I’ll help your stakeholders think big and go forward with purpose.

“He is easily one of the best speakers I’ve had in the classroom in more than 10 years of teaching college media classes.” — Janet K. Keeler, Ed.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Journalism, Eckerd College

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My track record

I’ve given speeches in professional conferences, college classrooms and corporate boardrooms. These include a TEDx Talk, as well as presentations for Eckerd College and NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ+ Journalists.

You can hire me to speak about…

Why Leaders Must be Vulnerable to Create Change: Seven years ago, I published a story that cracked open a longstanding silence about what it was like to be queer in the Boy Scouts of America – and it sparked a national conversation. What I discovered along the way was that leaders must be vulnerable and share their true stories in order to create change. In this talk, I show how storytelling allows people to see themselves in leaders and embrace the change they are trying to make.

Why LGBTQ+ Inclusion is Crucial to Your Organization’s Success: During the momentous summer of 2020, it seemed every organization was jumping on the diversity, equity and inclusion bandwagon. But four years later, many have dropped or diluted those commitments due to political pressure. In this talk, I will show how the organizations that have continued investing in LGBTQ+ inclusion are the ones that are thriving the most. And I will inspire organizational leaders to remain steadfast in their support of this community in the long term.

How LGBTQ+ Storytellers Can Thrive in Journalism: It’s a challenging time to be an LGBTQ+ person in the U.S., with annual surges of legislation aiming to curtail our rights. For LGBTQ+ reporters, it’s even harder to navigate. In this talk, I help those journalists learn how to report on these mounting atrocities while protecting their mental health. I help newsroom leaders learn how to support their LGBTQ+ employees. And I discuss how to draw the line of “objectivity” when the rights of your own community are under attack.

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