I’ve never seen a deadline I couldn’t beat.

Every time you hire a freelance journalist, it feels like a bit of a gamble. You’re relying on them to deliver solid stories on time, but sometimes you’re left with low quality work or inconsistent communication. Not to mention the missed deadlines that can create huge headaches. (I’ve been there as an editor, and I hope to never be there again).

It’s not just frustrating—it’s a waste of your valuable time and resources. (In this economy?!) It leaves you to fill the gaps, fix mistakes and pick up the slack. All the while, you’re falling behind on your editorial calendar.

It’s time to ditch the flaky freelancers. My journalism services deliver high-quality stories every time, always meet your vision and come in ahead of deadline. I take the time to understand your brief, and I’ll always keep you updated as I work. You’ll never have to wonder when an assignment is coming in. It’ll land in your inbox before you even expect it, with clean copy, suggested headlines, links to source material, and suggestions for photos or graphics.

Seriously, you can stop holding your breath now. I’ve got you covered.

‘He’s a joy to work with’

“Mike is a versatile, talented freelance journalist who has never shied away from an assignment. Mike’s copy is clean and accurate; I seldom have to spend much time editing anything he turns in. Mike also goes above and beyond when it comes to deadlines. He doesn’t just meet them, he will turn in an assignment two weeks early and then ask for another. Plus he’s a joy to work with, always quick to respond to questions and game to try something different.” — Jon Reed, senior editor at CNET

“Mike is one of the most thoughtful and responsive writers that I’ve worked with regularly on assignments. He doesn’t require much handholding or guidance, and is extremely collaborative with edits. ” — Heather Clancy, editorial director at GreenBiz

You can hire me to…

  • Write nuanced news stories about LGBTQ+ politics, or service pieces about navigating life as an LGBTQ+ person.

  • Tackle rigorously reported stories about climate tech and solutions, or reader-friendly guides to sustainable living.

  • Craft enthralling features and profiles of leaders, change-makers and contrarian characters.

I work with…

  • Mainstream newspapers and magazines

  • Niche-specific B2B publications

  • Association and trade magazines

Featured Work

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YES! Magazine / Cafe Euphoria isn’t just another co-op. Its trans and gender-nonconforming owners are pursuing a vision of radical equality.

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The Washington Post / Amid the hundreds of tents erected for the Boy Scouts of America’s National Jamboree, one dedicated to LGBTQ+ scouts stands out.

The US city that has raised $100m to climate-proof its buildings

The Guardian / Ithaca has turned to private investors to help it decarbonize thousands of residential and commercial buildings.

Trans people are finding safe haven in an unexpected place: upstate New York

The Guardian / Rochester, Albany and other cities offer refuge from anti-trans laws in other states and ballooning costs in big cities.

There Is Enough Food, Just Not Enough Food Access

YES! Magazine / Community fridge networks across the country are an important start—and symbol—in the work to make sure everyone has enough to eat.

7 Tips for Finding the Best Solar Installers Near Me

CNET / Here’s everything you need to know to find, evaluate and sign a contract with a solar installer.

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