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Hi, I’m Mike De Socio.

I’m an award-winning storyteller and author with a knack for narrative. I produce independent journalism and compelling content for top-tier publications, associations and institutions.

With more than a decade of experience in journalism, I’ve excelled in every part of the newsroom, working as an editor, writer, reporter, photographer and one-time coder. Through it all, I’ve exceeded expectations, consistently turning around reliable work well ahead of deadline.

Now in my practice as a freelancer, I put those skills to use for publications like the Washington Post and the Guardian, as well as organizations like the American Association of Colleges & Universities. I tackle the most pressing social issues of our time by rigorously reporting on their solutions. And I’m not afraid to get personal and vulnerable: Because I know that those stories are the ones that resonate the most.

I take that fearless spirit into my personal life, too. When I’m not writing, I’ve been known to ride my bike across entire states or summit treacherous peaks in the dead of winter. Catch me traversing Italy, where I’m a dual citizen, or upstate New York, where I’m lucky to call home.

Here's How I Can Help


In my award-winning, independent journalism practice, I tell stories about climate change and the LGBTQ+ community.

Editing & Fact-Checking

I have a sharp eye for copy, a thorough vetting process for facts, and passion for collaborating with writers.

Content Writing

As a writer for associations, institutions and universities, I craft content that stands out for its engaging storylines and clear messaging.

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