A sharp eye for copy, and a fast hand for fact-checking.

Streamline your editorial process with efficient editing and meticulous fact-checking. Your time is valuable, and I won’t waste it.

My editing and fact-checking services are known for swift turnaround times and clear communication. I thoroughly scrutinize every detail to ensure accuracy and polished prose. And I foster a productive, collaborative relationship with the writers I’m editing.

“Mike works quickly and efficiently and excels at collaborating with other editors and writers. Mike truly cares about great storytelling and his passion comes through in his work.” — Melissa Mangini, Editor of the Albany Business Review

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You can hire me to…

  • Handle copy editing and developmental editing for a range of content, from news and feature stories to email and social media copy.

  • Take care of proofreading for materials to make sure they’re tightened up before they’re sent out the door.

  • Dig into fact-checking for a variety of media, including online and print journalism, magazines, podcasts, documentaries and books.

My track record

I’ve done editing and fact-checking work for Vox Media, American City Business Journals, Liberal Education magazine and NPR, among others.

I’m known for being organized, efficient and thorough in my work. You can view some case studies below.

Liberal Education Magazine

The assignment: Collaborate with a university professor to edit his guest column for inclusion in the Liberal Education print magazine.

The process: Through multiple rounds of revision, I worked directly with the writer, first on high-level content changes, and then on fine-tuned aspects of spelling, grammar and style to ensure his submission fit within publication guidelines. After polishing the draft, I packaged it with suggested headlines and delivered it to the magazine’s editor-in-chief for final review.

The result: A published column that retained much of the writer’s original content and voice, while making it accessible and relatable for the magazine’s audience.

100 Battles Magazine

The assignment: Fact-check two feature-length articles for the first edition of 100 Battles, a business magazine created by a global team of journalists and documentary photographers.

The process: With drafts in hand, I combed through each and every fact in both pieces, corroborating information by doing additional research, reviewing interview transcripts and in some case checking directly with sources. Using track changes in the documents, I noted my findings for each fact, and flagged instances where I was not able to independently verify information.

The result: Two polished, rock-solid feature stories that dove deep into complicated subjects, which my editors were able to quickly review and prepare for publication.

Albany Business Review

The assignment: As the digital editor of a regional business publication, I was tasked with reading, editing and fact-checking every story before it was published on our website.

The process: Each time I received a draft from a reporter, I gave it a thorough shakedown. This included a high-level read for content, then a second and third read for edits. I checked all names and facts, and tightened up grammar and spelling. Finally, I worked within the CMS to add media, headlines and SEO details.

The result: A daily package of reliable, engaging stories that our readers could trust.

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